Random thoughts. . . .

I had written a draft of this post offline on my iPad using BlogPad Pro but apparently I didn’t save it properly and never got posted. So, I will try to recreate my random thoughts on my first days in Australia from the 18th or 19th then follow up with more detailed posts of some of those random thoughts as well as others. I really did intend to make daily postings but being around the kids 24/7 and not having any internet for the 3 days up in Adelaide and trying to keep data roaming charges at a minimum have all interfered with this grand plan, not to mention sorting through and editing all the shots I’ve been taking. I’m going to try to get caught up here and on Facebook while watching the Footy Grand Finals tomorrow, which would be Saturday to me, but Friday to most of you out there. Without further adieu. . . . .

Driving in from the airport trying to wrap my head around this driving on the other side of the road thing. A right turn is like a left turn and vice versa. Does this mean there really is another right?

Saw many striking large Australian Magpies and parrots flying all around. Walking down to the confluence of Darebin Creek and the Yarra River at the property our house sits on saw tons of parrots squawking and flying around and a group of beautiful Yellow Crested Cockatoos.

We have the privilege of staying in a beautiful rustic Craftsman style home, The MacGeorge House, bequeathed to the University of Melbourne by the famous, in Melbourne at least, artist Norman MacGeorge. More on this in a future post.

Australia is BIG and everything about it seems BIG. Texas ain’t got nothing on them Aussies. . . .
Speaking of the Aussies, they are just a friendly, warm-hearted, good natured bunch of people. Shelley’s friend and colleague, Victoria has lent us her car to use on day trips and also given us the keys to her parents’ summer home in a swanky beach resort town.  I’ll be taking the kids down there by myself while Shelley is involved with her conference at the beginning of next week. Also, one day after walking through Hosier Lane, one of the famous Laneways literally covered with Street graffiti art, a limo came to a stop. A fancilly dressed wedding party piled out and disappeared into the lane to take pictures of them all decked out with the Graffiti as a backdrop. Well, the Limo driver started chatting with us and before you know it he let the kids climb into the Limo so i could get a picture.

Public transport is great. We have been riding it all around town, hopping on the Metro train and trams alike. The trains are clean and efficient. And those Aussies, ever the polite ones, offering their seat with no hesitation.

The wildlife is great and the kids have had some very cool experiences with many different animals. More on this to come also.

Well, running out of steam, but look for a bunch of new updates in the next couple of days.

Cheers, mate. No worries.